7 Steps to Recruiting Right Fit, High Performers. First Time

7 Steps to Recruiting Right Fit, High Performers. First Time

Wednesday, June 1, 2016/Categories: Word on Work

It takes time and talent. Clarity and confidence. Strategy and process to recruit your right fit high performer. First time.

You might think, with current unemployment levels at 5.8% and a lack of certainty and confidence in the economy your ‘perfect employee’ would be easy to attract, engage and retain.

You’d only have to whisper a potential position and, your right fit, high performer would charge forth, banging down doors and on bended knees beseech you to give them a chance. A job!

You’d be wrong!

A recent survey by Manpower stated that 40% of employers are experiencing difficulty finding employees with the right skills. I suggest when you couple that with finding the, all important, right skills, behaviours and fit the difficulty increases.

On the ground at Fish Recruiting I can testify to this.

While I’m interviewing more in-between-job people than, perhaps, I’ve ever done, it can still take time to find ‘the perfect fit’ for my clients. This is, in part, is because people cautious about leaving their current role in the current economy. And, secondly my clients and I are are discerning. We always get there with the right fit, long staying, high performer!

You know what its like to recruit the wrong person. Selecting the best from a not so hot shortlist. Not trusting your instinct. Or, recruiting on skills without considering fit. We’ve all done it! And in doing so, ensure the cost, disruption and pain of saying goodbye and starting over.

I beseech you to be discerning!

Your right fit, high performing, employed people are also discerning. It is your job to entice, excite and engage.

Explore and understand their desires and ambitions. What they need from you and the business for success.

Consider how their needs, personality and strengths fit with your leadership style. Current culture. Businesses vision and objectives.

The employment market is changing. The power shifting.

You’re not only competing with industry competitors for talent in your own country, you are competing globally.

And, increasing number of people are choosing to break free from traditional, contracted and duty bound employment. Instead, choosing to fly free of structured environments. Solo-preneurs. Mommy-preneurs. Micro-preneurs. Consultants. Contractors. All, consciously creating life-style ways of working. in hubs, cafes. From home. In fact, anywhere with WiFi!

So how do you recruit for your right fit first time from in ever discerning and diminishing pool of talent?

A brief bullet pointed seven stage plan.

  1. Know what and who you want. Know what you offer. And, why your right person will care.
  2. Be compelling. Tell your story. Off line. On-line. Have your right fit potential employee say to you, ‘Saw this! And knew it was for me.’ 
  3. Engage socially. All year round. Create and update personal and company LinkedIn pages. Be on message. Position yourself. 
  4. Engage personally. Phone your shortlist. Ask questions. Ask they want and why. Tell your shortened story with humility. Be honest. 
  5. Create a relevant and relaxed interview environment. Know what you want to know and why and develop a two-way discussion. 
  6. Follow a process. Check and validate. And, trust your intuition. Work in partnership with someone who as a nose for right fit! 
  7. Make the offer face to face. Be clear on what you’re offering and whats expected. Negotiate. Celebrate. Together.

I know these seven steps work. I use them daily!

And, I know there is a whole lot more that goes in to recruiting to find your right fit high performer!

Remember, we get what we deserve. What we expect.

Create a great environment. Be likeable. And, expect the best!

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