We show up as leaders through our voice. Our voice is evidence of our inner perspectives. David Whyte - Poet

Making someone redundant is rarely easy. It is often cited as the most disliked and difficult conversation a leader undertakes in their career. 

You know you need a plan; a quiet private room. Well-rehearsed clean and clear statements delivered with confidence. All the facts at hand; reasons for business decision, entitlements; pay, leave, process, time frame and support to move on.

What you can't plan for is how the person you've just 'fired,' will respond. Tears, rage, shock, blame, denial, disbelief and more.  All are possible when you change the course employees’ careers; the course of their life.  

What if you didn't have to do this alone and instead had the support of an experienced transitional career coaching partner?


  • Partnering in performance and redundancy conversations to ensure dignified and legally robust interactions
  • Independent exit Interviews that provides feedback for improved systems, leadership, recruitment processes

  • Tailor-made transitioning programs to support employees in moving forward emotionally and practically

  • Group transitioning sessions to support mass redundancies

  • Career Coaching to help employees move in to bring self-awareness to talents and skills and coach; to stay or leave

    Providing redundant employees transitioning services is invaluable. It provides immediate support and helps
    the redundant employee come to terms with what is and in doing so, be able to move towards new work and and a future. 

    Research states transitioning services benefit organisations by; maintaining positive relationships with
    redundant employees, reduce the risk of disgruntled ex-employees filling for compensation or unfair dismissal.
    It improves exisiting employees' morale and employer brand for attracting right fit, high performers.

    With twenty years of career transitioning coaching we have have helped many people transition and find new work.





'Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable' Mary Oliver -Poet.


Making someone redundant is rarely easy. It is often cited as the most disliked and difficult conversation a leader undertakes.

You know you need a plan; a quiet private room. A well-rehearsed clean and clear statement with all the facts you need at hand; reasons for the business decision, past performance reviews, legal entitlements; pay, leave, process, support mechanisms.

You also need a particular frame of mind. Courage, clarity, honesty, kindness and respect; you are about to change the course of a career, a life.

What you can't plan for is your employees' response. Tears. Rage. Shock. Blame. Anger. Denial. Relief. All and more a possible.

What resources and experience do you bring to bare to this legal and personally difficult conversation?

With experience in training and partnering in the art of the difficult conversation and the provision of tailored out-placement programs we can support you through the process. Ensuring you your process is legally compliant and dignified; for you and your employees.


  • Partnering in performance and redundancy conversations
  • Independent Exit Interviews 
  • Tailor-made transitioning programs for individuals and groups
  • Career Coaching and mentoring.

I would recommend Kate to other organisations, particularly those with in transition or have an emphasis on building strong contemporary workplace cultures based on integrity, collaboration and constructive behaviours. Paul Evans - CEO.

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