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If you hire people just because they can do the job, they'll work for the money. But if you hire people who believe what you believe , they'll work for you with blood and sweat and tears. Simon Sinek.

There is nothing more important to your success as a leader, than hiring right fit, high performing people. Nothing! 

Your ability to hire and retain right fit, high performers is is an outward expression of you; your leadership and values. 

Do this well and a business soars. Do it poorly and your business falters. Its that simple. And that complex.

Poor hiring decisions are costly. They diminish people, disrupt business and burn precious time, energy and money.


Kate’s brief was to seek out a CEO who could walk on water, was affordable and who had the integrity of Ghandi! The Board was highly impressed by the quality of all short-listed candidates. I was very evident Kate understood our needs perfectly. The only issue we had was our quandary in regards to selection as all candidates presented in the final stage were highly capable of undertaking the role.A fine problem to have… Anthony Bennett – Chair Boarding Australia.


We help you get it right! You have your genius, we have ours.We have honed 10,000 hours+ by placing hundreds of talented leaders. Leaders, who have saved businesses from the brink, transformed and sustained them. Helped people and organisations grow and prosper.

That's what talented leaders do. Finding talented leaders is what we do!


Working with Kate over a period of time has helped to build a key group of executives and senior managers that has enabled the business to achieve successes it otherwise would not have been able to.  The business now has the talent, but more importantly a group of people with a cultural alignment to achieve success. JC -CFO


)ur Training and Coaching Programs: Teaches leaders how to hire right fit, high performers. Depending on your needs, leaders learn all or some of the essential elements required to hire and retain right fit, high performers. We can work with you to bring your recruiting and retaining activities in house. The result...improved results and decreased costs!

''Our chief want is someone who will inspires us to be what we know we could be.' Ralph Waldo Emerson

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