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We show up as leaders through our voice. Our voice is evidence of our inner perspectives. David Whyte

Your relationships at work are shaped one conversation at a time. Each conversation, had or not had, determines organisational culture, leadership and what does and doesn’t get done. In return you are shape your environment and are in turn shaped as a leader.

Having conversational integrity takes courage. It is to speak your truth, while being open and present to hear another's truth.

What is the thorny issue you or your colleagues have grown tired of yet not addressing?  

It calls for robust vulnerability with its willingness to ask for help in resolving tiresome and tricky situation. The one that feels ever present. Wakes you at

3am. Has you fear not having the words, the courage, breaching employment law
and the wrath of your 'difficult' person.

What's the thorny issue costing you and the organisation?

The longer we resist the conversation that must be had, the thornier it becomes. What might have been resolved remains known, unattended and untreated. Then, like the slow imperceptible gases of a volcano, it finally erupts depositing an aftermath of rocks, ash and polluted air. Not pretty!

Why having the conversations matter:

▪  Addresses and resolves issues early before performance and attitude impact business, employees and outcomes

▪  Reduces the risk of on-going underperformance, absenteeism and work-cover claims. 

▪   Saves time and money of long-drawn out disputes and legal action; your reputation as an employer

▪   Decreases risk of productive, talented right fit, high performers

▪   Reframes confrontation as a useful tool to question and challenge 'what has always been and could be,'

▪   Creates a positive environment where people can speak their truth and interrogate reality without fear

▪   Develops opportunities to have courageous conversations as a matter of course; to build trust

'I would recommend Kate to organisations, who have emphasis on building strong contemporary workplace cultures built onintegrity, collaboration and constructive behaviours - Kate excels! PE - CEO

David Whyte Invitas - Foundations of Conversational Leadership Accredited.  Susan Scott's Fierce Conversations Accredited. Coached organisations and individuals in having courageous, fair and dignified conversations.


Conversations that have
resolved long-term under-performance, conflict and behaviour in
work places with dignity and fairness and without legal redress!

our ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field, I'll meet you
there'. Rumi

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